A song I wrote to this beat called Evolution ii reel life on  3-16 apparently I didn’t know what day it was because I didn’t write the day.

As I look back on my life reel the memories of all the struggles/Running through the jungles/like a wild animal/ I see myself changing/tired of being broke/searching for the truth while everybody’s looking for hope/Saying to myself don’t I deserve better than this/Wondering why I’m depressed and stressed/tired of sleeping on the floor/catching buses/my heart is flustered/My heart been broke for many years/long rides to work/many tears/many fears/staying locked up in a shell of my own created hell/blaming my environment studying my natal chart/virgo rising breaking it down and tearing it apart for a couple of years/seeing my mind get blown the dreams the visions have been leading me/everyday feeding me/these past couple of days all I wanna do is write, write,write/broke down at my cousins funeral site/tired of seeing people dying/only the strong survive/As I was laying on the death bed I was supposed to have died on at the end of 2013/laying there in the bed/with my moon progressed into scorpio/I had been in the dark so long/coming out of the darkness/coming out of the coffin/working on my thoughts day by day/while I listen to this beat/the light in the tunnel/becomes less weak/my future doesn’t look so bleek


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