Learning from different authors

When the mind gives up to diving will in an indifferent,submissive,self-surrendering attitude, it is not giving up to divine will; it is simply giving up to the surrounding forces of fate. Such a mind will permit the forces of adversity to have their way, thinking that it is the will of God that much suffering must still be endured, and will consequently drift with circumstances, accepting whatever comes as a necessary chastisement. This method, however, weakens the mind, and places the individual more out of harmony with God than ever before. We always place ourselves out of harmony with God when we accept evil as coming from him, and we weaken our ability to use divine will when we permit adversity to exist thinking that it was sent from God
Christian D.Larson
The Optimist Creed
All the circumstances in my life that ever happened to me was because I wasn’t following my divine will. I was thinking that suffering was apart of life. I just accepted it. I never questioned it or wondered where it came from. I always thought that everybody suffers in some kind of way, but all the suffering was all mental. It was all because of my flawed thinking and flawed perception. It was as though I spent so much of my time working instead of working at my purpose. Staying in dream world and lala land. Never wanting to explore other possibilities. Always having an excuse or being caught up in everybody’s else’s problems when clearly I couldn’t fix my own issues let alone all the people around me. It came from not trusting myself. Not trusting or believing that God will make a way if I put the will in it.

4 thoughts on “Learning from different authors

  1. Yes! We speak about having faith and being optimistic when, in fact, what we really want to believe in and encourage are our own plans, and not God’s plan for us. I’m not against faith and optimism, but it must be well placed. God wants us to lose faith and become disillusioned with our own plans, in order that we might have faith and optimism in a higher way. Do we consider ourselves true optimists? Then why not sell all that we have and give to the poor? Or, are we, perhaps, less than optimistic about the consequences of taking that step? Yet we have plenty of optimism when it comes to pursuing our own desires. THAT is my point.

    “Have pity on me, for the hand of God hath touched me!”
    ~ The Book of Job


    • I also wonder how do we know what God wants us to do?You’re absolutely right if we were 100% full of faith than we would do more and it’s knowing when to be optimistic and I believe that some things are just karmic issues that we deal with


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