Astrology readings by Patti

Oracle Card readings

The Goddess Oracle 22.00

Rider Waite tarot deck one card 5.00

Rider Waite tarot deck card 3 card reading 22.00

I use the Karma cards to break the ice. Sometimes a person may not know what they would like to focus on. Pulling a card will help me help the client. Also, maybe that person may be confused about a situation that may be bothering them.

Houses 25.00 Karma card deck

Planets 25.00 Karma card deck

Aspects 25.00 Karma card deck

Karma cards full deck reading 44.00

1 hour reading 100.00

Synastry reading 50.00 Please have other persons birth information. I will need to have birth time and birth date

If you’re interested in getting a reading my email is

or you can give me a call at (661)567-8966



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