Why Aquarius?

After I  started studying my astrology chart I began to be attracted to Aquariuses and Aquariuses began to be more attracted to me. The astrologer Simon Vorster an evolutionary astrologer. (2+0+1+5=8 2015 was an 8 year & my personal year was a 1 year) He told me that I had a missing step with Jupiter squaring my north node and south node in Taurus and Scorpio. In order to fulfill apart of my destiny I needed to deal with this Jupiter in Aquarius. At the time my chart wasn’t rectified. Meaning that I was using the birth time that was on my birth certificate. When I got the reading my Jupiter was placed in the 5th house. Jupiter in the 5th house would make me fertile and I would probably have more than 2 children. Even with Saturn squaring Jupiter. I got my chart rectified 2 years later by my now astrology teacher Coach Khayr. After I got my chart rectified that placed Jupiter in my 6th house. The reason for all this Aquarius energy is for me to focus on my work,routine, and health. In order for me to get to my purpose. I’m going to have to deal with my Jupiter in Aquarius. After I started studying my chart I began to become more attracted to Aquariuses and with this Jupiter in Aquarius these men that I kept attracting or were attracted to me were highlighting part of my purpose. Which was my work. What I needed to do to get to my purpose was dealing with my 6th house. These men had their sun and mercury in my 6th house. As I began to study astrology these men were highlighting parts of myself that I hadn’t payed attention to.

Aquarius represents astrology or the cosmos. Aquarius is intuitive. Sometimes the unconventionalness is a streak of genius far beyond in the future vs. us regular signs are stuck in the present moment. With Aquarius being ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus represents the cosmos and technology and highly innovative. The missing step is for me to be doing work in my field whether that is through technology or through astrology or anything Aquarius related.

The planet Jupiter shows us how we believe what field we would be good teachers at. Jupiter shows us our expertise. The area that can help us grow through finances, health and other resources depending on where it is located in the chart. I know a couple of women with 2 or more children who have their Jupiter in the 5th house. The 5th house represents children,sex and creativity. Jupiter being the jolly and expanding planet. Jupiter in the 5th house would make an individual fertile.

As the saying goes nothing happens by chance. Well the 2 Aquarius men that came into my life to bring me back to my purpose. Jupiter sits in my 6th house not my 5th house so part of my work here on earth is Aquarius related. I didn’t get into technology, but I did get into astrology.. I’m taking advantage of the step or karma to help me knock down my karmic/dharmic past


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