My observations of people’s nodes. People’s gifts and short comings.

What is a node?

When the moon travels around the earth and the earth travels around the sun. This distance between the sun and the earth is called the ecliptic. The distance that the moon makes between the earth is the nodes. It is the midpoints between the sun and the moon, The 2 points that the earth and the moon makes that lines up with 2 signs that are opposing each other. These 2 points show us where our destinies are. Our south node shows us our past lives and gifts. Our north node shows us the direction of our south node. The direction of our north node in a natal astrology chart shows the direction of where the person is headed. The house position, the sign and aspects to the nodes can show us our obstacles and strengths to get there. The nodes aren’t planets It’s 2 points of the midpoint between the earth and moon as the earth and moon go around the sun.

I’ve noticed people with south node in fire signs can be very blunt and forthcoming and these people tend to have an artistic gift such as singing, writing or public speaking.These people can also be arrogant, self-centered and selfish. They don’t properly channel their high level into something such as sports or working out because of excess energy.

South node in water signs are spiritual. These people tend to know about magic or are well versed with the psyche. Intuitive or psychic they know how to use their subconscious minds to create their reality. Their downfall is depending too much on these gifts. Also water signs deal with giving and receiving and never giving. These people can also be manipulative due to them knowing how people react or playing on people’s emotions or feelings for their benefit.

South node in air signs tend to be able to see everybody’s point of view. They’re good at bringing people together. The downside of this is misconstruing information. Being so inclined to wanna bring groups together taking on different viewpoints.

Earth south nodes are very practical. Hardworking. These people are very much in tune with their bodies. These people have suffered greatly from being of service and doing work from past lives. They can be very routine, dry and even stubborn. These people can be dominating, forceful and strict when it comes to getting things done.





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