Why Aquariuses part 2?

I had a conversation with an astrology friend. She reminded me of another aspect that I thought about, but never went over something that I may not have discussed. In my chart there are a few other placements that would indicate attractions to Aquariuses and vice versa. In my natal chart I have Sun and Mars in cancer in my 11th house. The 11th house deals with friendships,humanitarian and well wishes. Wherever the Sun sits in your chart also shows what kind of people you may be attracted to. 11th house is also known as Aquariuses house. Usually wherever the Sun sits will show us what kind of energy we are attracted to.

Usually wherever Mars is in your chart will show how a person’s sex drive is and how a person deals with anger and aggression. I have quite a few Cancerian/Aquarian themes in my chart. I also have Uranus in Sagittarius in my 4th house. Home life was moving not a lot,(other aspects in chart shows this as well) but I did move quite a bit and I grew up with Latinoes and white people. Sagittarius is all about different cultures and religious backgrounds and with Uranus there it just gives a different atmosphere to home life. So, I have Sun and Mars in Cancer in my 11th house, Uranus in Sagittarius in my 11th house. I have Jupiter in Aquarius in my 6th house. All these placements are Cancerian/Aquarian themes

My observations of people’s nodes. People’s gifts and short comings.

What is a node?

When the moon travels around the earth and the earth travels around the sun. This distance between the sun and the earth is called the ecliptic. The distance that the moon makes between the earth is the nodes. It is the midpoints between the sun and the moon, The 2 points that the earth and the moon makes that lines up with 2 signs that are opposing each other. These 2 points show us where our destinies are. Our south node shows us our past lives and gifts. Our north node shows us the direction of our south node. The direction of our north node in a natal astrology chart shows the direction of where the person is headed. The house position, the sign and aspects to the nodes can show us our obstacles and strengths to get there. The nodes aren’t planets It’s 2 points of the midpoint between the earth and moon as the earth and moon go around the sun.

I’ve noticed people with south node in fire signs can be very blunt and forthcoming and these people tend to have an artistic gift such as singing, writing or public speaking.These people can also be arrogant, self-centered and selfish. They don’t properly channel their high level into something such as sports or working out because of excess energy.

South node in water signs are spiritual. These people tend to know about magic or are well versed with the psyche. Intuitive or psychic they know how to use their subconscious minds to create their reality. Their downfall is depending too much on these gifts. Also water signs deal with giving and receiving and never giving. These people can also be manipulative due to them knowing how people react or playing on people’s emotions or feelings for their benefit.

South node in air signs tend to be able to see everybody’s point of view. They’re good at bringing people together. The downside of this is misconstruing information. Being so inclined to wanna bring groups together taking on different viewpoints.

Earth south nodes are very practical. Hardworking. These people are very much in tune with their bodies. These people have suffered greatly from being of service and doing work from past lives. They can be very routine, dry and even stubborn. These people can be dominating, forceful and strict when it comes to getting things done.




Why I study astrology?

I’ve went from one thing to another. From being an extreme devout christian to being a 5 percenter than claiming nothing. I was claiming atheism. Now I’m back to believing in God. Believing in God is difficult. I still have issues with belief. Ya know when I was in church I use to think that we were God’s little workers. I spent so much of my life being angry and pissed off at God for not helping us or not giving us any tools. That was my interpretation and my perception of the scriptures. The reason why I didn’t study astrology in 2006 was because of one scripture that told me not to go to psychics, astrologers, seers and etc.  (I don’t remember where the scripture was located).I’m paraphrasing the what the scripture said. I was conflicted than too which was another buildup of anger. At that time I only knew about my sun sign,rising and moon sign that I got from remembering the birth time on my birth certificate and going to astro.com that’s as far as I went. What I needed was an answer to why things happen. The Bible wasn’t giving me that. In my mind I thought God had just left us down here with nothing. As time progressed I became more angry and depressed. The anger turned into an anger that grew inside of me daily. Every prayer was an angry prayer. I would go to the beach at night and start yelling and screaming because I felt like a little ant. As time progressed I got a job working at Mcdonald’s and at first it was cool, but as time progressed the anger/sadness would creep out. Than I began to be mad at everything and just wanted to end it. As the saying goes be careful what you wish for you may get it. To make a long story short. I went to the hospital to get my appendix taken out. I had been sick for quite some time. This wasn’t the first time I went to the hospital, but as soon as I went the doctors told me that I was close to being gone, They operated on me that night. I had inflammation to my kidney, intestines and other organs in my body.  After I got out I began to study astrology broke up with my ex and found a new love. My new love was astrology. My new obsession. I brought books,books and more books. Spent money on readings. I use to read interpretations on my way to work. For some people can just pray go to church, do a ritual and get on with life. But, people such as myself need and answer that goes underneath the surface. I have to know why. I don’t think God, creator or the universe would just leave us down here with no map, no instructions, no tools or anything. I see alot of my friends and family who have no interest in finding hidden meanings and can just do mundane things without knowing why. But people such as myself need science or some sort of occult knowledge. Everyone has their spiritual path and their own lessons in life. My lesson in life is to be in control of my life and to do my own thing, not be so dependent on others beliefs. Think for myself and create my life on my own terms.

Why Aquarius?

After I  started studying my astrology chart I began to be attracted to Aquariuses and Aquariuses began to be more attracted to me. The astrologer Simon Vorster an evolutionary astrologer. (2+0+1+5=8 2015 was an 8 year & my personal year was a 1 year) He told me that I had a missing step with Jupiter squaring my north node and south node in Taurus and Scorpio. In order to fulfill apart of my destiny I needed to deal with this Jupiter in Aquarius. At the time my chart wasn’t rectified. Meaning that I was using the birth time that was on my birth certificate. When I got the reading my Jupiter was placed in the 5th house. Jupiter in the 5th house would make me fertile and I would probably have more than 2 children. Even with Saturn squaring Jupiter. I got my chart rectified 2 years later by my now astrology teacher Coach Khayr. After I got my chart rectified that placed Jupiter in my 6th house. The reason for all this Aquarius energy is for me to focus on my work,routine, and health. In order for me to get to my purpose. I’m going to have to deal with my Jupiter in Aquarius. After I started studying my chart I began to become more attracted to Aquariuses and with this Jupiter in Aquarius these men that I kept attracting or were attracted to me were highlighting part of my purpose. Which was my work. What I needed to do to get to my purpose was dealing with my 6th house. These men had their sun and mercury in my 6th house. As I began to study astrology these men were highlighting parts of myself that I hadn’t payed attention to.

Aquarius represents astrology or the cosmos. Aquarius is intuitive. Sometimes the unconventionalness is a streak of genius far beyond in the future vs. us regular signs are stuck in the present moment. With Aquarius being ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus represents the cosmos and technology and highly innovative. The missing step is for me to be doing work in my field whether that is through technology or through astrology or anything Aquarius related.

The planet Jupiter shows us how we believe what field we would be good teachers at. Jupiter shows us our expertise. The area that can help us grow through finances, health and other resources depending on where it is located in the chart. I know a couple of women with 2 or more children who have their Jupiter in the 5th house. The 5th house represents children,sex and creativity. Jupiter being the jolly and expanding planet. Jupiter in the 5th house would make an individual fertile.

As the saying goes nothing happens by chance. Well the 2 Aquarius men that came into my life to bring me back to my purpose. Jupiter sits in my 6th house not my 5th house so part of my work here on earth is Aquarius related. I didn’t get into technology, but I did get into astrology.. I’m taking advantage of the step or karma to help me knock down my karmic/dharmic past

My fault for choosing the wrong men Mercury in virgo rx thoughts

Confessions of a south node in scorpio thoughts & 4 planets rx in chart

Ever since I began studying the natal astrology charts even before I started studying. I seem to have an issue with  not valuing myself. I seem to look for guidance from men. Not knowing that I really don’t need a man to show me or tell me what it is that I need. Always feeling like I have no control over events. Never being able to think for myself. What does Patti want? What does Patti think? Not what other men think. I’m always merging with other men. As a matter of fact I’ve changed identities and ideologies, so much through other people. Now that I finally stand firm on my beliefs and my own ideologies. This time I refuse to compromise or waiver with anyone. What you see is what you get. And I don’t give a shit. Friends or family. Oh well This is what it is.Take it or leave it.

During this rx I realized that I don’t need a man to make me feel worthy. All I really need is myself and I have to learn how to stand on my own 2 feet. Now Patti knows what she wants. Patti is finally focused on her own shit and her own feelings. My feelings are valid. I don’t need a crew or group of people to tell me or always be around to make me feel secure. I can do it.

Astrology readings by Patti

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I use the Karma cards to break the ice. Sometimes a person may not know what they would like to focus on. Pulling a card will help me help the client. Also, maybe that person may be confused about a situation that may be bothering them.

Houses 25.00 Karma card deck

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Learning from different authors

When the mind gives up to diving will in an indifferent,submissive,self-surrendering attitude, it is not giving up to divine will; it is simply giving up to the surrounding forces of fate. Such a mind will permit the forces of adversity to have their way, thinking that it is the will of God that much suffering must still be endured, and will consequently drift with circumstances, accepting whatever comes as a necessary chastisement. This method, however, weakens the mind, and places the individual more out of harmony with God than ever before. We always place ourselves out of harmony with God when we accept evil as coming from him, and we weaken our ability to use divine will when we permit adversity to exist thinking that it was sent from God
Christian D.Larson
The Optimist Creed
All the circumstances in my life that ever happened to me was because I wasn’t following my divine will. I was thinking that suffering was apart of life. I just accepted it. I never questioned it or wondered where it came from. I always thought that everybody suffers in some kind of way, but all the suffering was all mental. It was all because of my flawed thinking and flawed perception. It was as though I spent so much of my time working instead of working at my purpose. Staying in dream world and lala land. Never wanting to explore other possibilities. Always having an excuse or being caught up in everybody’s else’s problems when clearly I couldn’t fix my own issues let alone all the people around me. It came from not trusting myself. Not trusting or believing that God will make a way if I put the will in it.